Parelli OnLine Basic Course – How to Become a Natural Leader for Your Horse – Ibiza -20-21 December

How to become a Natural Leader for your Horse

    •  Curious about how horses think and how you can establish a relationship with
    • Having trouble catching your horse?
    • Find it hard to put the bridle on?
    • Doesn’t stand still when you want to get on or after you finish?
    • Doesn’t load onto the trailer?
    • Find it hard to understand some of his behaviors?
    • Doesn’t give his feet when you have to clean them/shoe / trim?
    • Do you want to approach your horse safely?
    • Ever thought that there may be a way to make your idea become your horse’s and take it on
      board with enthusiasm?
    • He is entertainment and fun for you but are you that for him? 

Do you want answers to these questions?
Then this course is for you.

Do you know that most problems tend to disappear by creating a solid relationship with our
You know that, but you think it takes too long? Well it doesn’t, if you know what you have to
do and what absolutely shouldn’t. Creating a solid relationship with a horse can take very little
time indeed, even less than a week.
If you don’t believe it come and find out how!
By the end of the course you will already be able to see progress. Horses live in the moment and
are quick to adapt to new situations. As soon as you develop your knowledge and change your
attitude, he will immediately change with you.
We will address these and other issues using an effective and well-structured educational
program, the ‘Parelli Natural Horsemanship Method’, which has been around for more than
30 years and has been updated and improved every year to become the most widely known and
studied method in the world. It has been created specifically to teach people how to become
professionals with horses.
The relationship with your Horse and safety, come first.

All this in a context where the relationship with the Horse and safety come first.


The course consists of theory, simulations, hand-on practice with horses, with question and
answer sessions.
There will be a lot of information, so my advice is to come prepared with energy and eagerness
to learn, and finally, a notepad to take notes.

Don’t have a horse or can’t transport?

Don’t worry you can take part with a school horse or participant without a horse.
A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the course for both those taking part with a
horse and those without a horse.